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go GREEN with ICLC, save the nature

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Conservation project at ICLC, each university program plants a tree so in the future, new students can see what previous co-studens did.




Instituto de Cultura y Lengua Costarricense
P.O. Box 609-4050
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Phone: +506 2458-8485

  Costa Rica has thousand of square miles where you can enjoy nature and keep learning spanish, volunteer programs are available.

Think GREEN...  if you feel nature is your passion and want to learn Spanish in a beautiful country with the most exhuberant facilities and locations, visit us and learn Spanish at ICLC in Costa Rica.





Planting trees at ICLC Campus in Costa Rica

ICLC offers programs focused on conservation, planting trees and promote a local spirit of preserving the nature.

The smoke free campus is a piece of nature, located 7 miles away from downtown Alajuela, where SJO International Airport is located.

You can take the option to live in a bed and breakfast, hotel or with a local Costa Rican family.

During your stay you can travel to the best regions of the country, if you wish to continue enjoying nature on national parks and reserves.

ICLC Program focuses on teaching the Spanish Language but also on increasing awareness on conservation through educational campaigns (3R: Reduce, Recycle, Reutilize) and planting trees.

The Program also offers:

We invite you to be part of any of these CSR actions, together we can generate a positive impact on the local society and also on the environment.


Green is the color of nature, green is what you can switch in your mind to preserv this planet.


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